Take me from the dark.


“I will find my strength to un-tame my mouth, when I used to be afraid of the words…”


Cynful Clothing & Co. June 2017 Luke Box

I don’t know how much you all know about the Luke Box or if any of you even get it. So here goes some spamming to convince you into doing it. *grinz* I know that there have been a lot of people complaining about the boxes and packages you can buy on a monthly basis. Sure, I get that there will be products that are not to your liking, but honestly, for the price that you pay and all the things that you get. What is there to really complain about? I mean you get fatpacks of items! Mind you, if you’re a big shopper, you already spend double that amount on fatpack items at a time. So trust me, you definitely want to get these!

Now! For this swimsuit,Heat Bikini, is available in Belleza sizes, Maitreya Lara and Slink sizes. Comes with a fabulous HUD. The Belleza sizes have the option of regular or perky on the Freya and Isis. I am IN love with it! It’s the first set for Cynful to put in the Luxe Box and I am beyond happy with it. There are more options than I can count, for you to use with this. The fit is spot on perfect, I just really can’t express how amazing it is, I really hope you didn’t miss out on this.

Other Accessories Include:

  1. Catwa Head Kimberly
  2. Belleza Body Isis
  3. YS&YS Skin from June Powder Pack tone 3
  4. Izzie’s Flower Lace Choker
  5. Argrace – Chizuru
  6. Pose – Manik Queen @ Vintage Fair



To love is to nourish


“What have we done to the world, look what we’ve done…”

Our world is in dire need of some deep love and care. Take a moment and nourish Earth, she is after all everyone’s home. This is where we all live, the home we all need to survive. Love her the way you do your children, your pets, your spouse, your friends and family. Our children’s future need us to do this, so that they learn to do the same and have a good place to raise their children and their grand children. It has to start some where, one single person can’t fix it all, but if we all did a little each day, it will make a huge difference. ♥


Cynful Clothing & Co @ C88

Rendezvous Romper worn on Isis (Perky) in dark red. There’s really not a lot to say about this outfit, I mean look at the picture. It’s perfect. I didn’t have to add a single alpha, didn’t have to adjust my shape. I didn’t even do a major tweak in PS because I didn’t want to change the color of the outfit. It’s available for the bodies Belleza, Maitreya & Slink. You can purchase the Bracelet sets as well, which is amazing btw, there are five metal colors to choose from and the HUD gives you the option of taking some off and leaving some on, which is amazing!

Other Accessories Include:

  1. Belleza Isis
  2. LeLutka – Cate Bento Head & Cate Mesh Eyes
  3. Truth – Fynn
  4. Swallow – Punky Ears
  5. Izzie’s Flower Choker & Mood Stone Choker
  6. Random Matter – Rumar Earrings

Time after time.


“If you’re lost, you can look and you will find me, time after time…”

!NIFINITY – Saturday Sale for June3rd until midnight, Fidget Spinner Rings, are resizable through script, have three spinning settings, tons of colors available through HUDs, and are just amazing. You really should get them for the killer 75 linden price, while you can. If you can’t, you still need these, adorable! I love! :3


Glamistry Columbia Sandals, worn in pink shade with black metals and dark brown sole, on Maitreya flat feet. Also available in Slink and Belleza sizes.

Other Accessories Include:

  1. Maitreya – Lara Body
  2. Catwa – Kimberly Head
  3. Glam Affair – Giusy Skin (Jamaica tone)
  4. Little Bones – Olympia
  5. Izzie’s – Pride Bracelets Left & Right, Flower Lace Choker & Mood Stone Velvet Choker
  6. Swallow – Punky Ears
  7. Random Matter – Rumar Earrings
  8. Gizza – Betsy Denim Shorts & Crotchet Bikini Top @ Tropical Summer Fair 2017

A lot of fight left in me.


“And I don’t really care if nobody else believes, cuz I still got a lot of fight left in me…”

We all feel as if we’re a tiny pebble, that’s been floating in the ocean full of pearls, from time to time. Life can throw challenges at us that on most days, we just want to throw our hands in the air and quit. As human beings, it’s so easy to give in to the hardships of life and just give in, but oh the joy and glorifying feeling of fighting through and ending up on top. Life has thrown so many burning tides at me in the last year, from losing family members, that I wasn’t even close to letting go yet, to struggling with children, that I love and care for  as my  own, suffer with drug addictions. To just waking up and being unable to dress my own body because of health issues. Oh and how easy it would be to just toss in that white flag and just give in. Yet here I am, with my head held high, because I know I will win and I will end up on top. There’s no way in hell that I’ll let life take over and control my reason for being here. No matter the struggle, I know I can do this. And my biggest reason, is because of the wonderful people that are in my life, that show me there is something good to look forward to in this world. It’s not all hate and anger, there is so much love and kindness still left in this world.

So for those of you out there, struggling, wondering how you’ll get through your next day, that next heartache, or just the thought of getting out of bed makes you want to scream. Please, remember, you’re not alone, none of us are, we are all here struggling with one thing or another, and even if it’s a small hug, or just a little “you got this”, we can all get each other through anything in life. So please, my fellow human beings, help each other achieve greatness, let us help each other conquer life and make it the best we can. There’s so much hatred, bitterness and ugliness, let’s all of us pull our heads out of our asses and help. Even if it’s just a smile, all it takes is just a tiny bit of kindness.


Cynful Clothing & Co – !Oh Dress @ the mainstore, was part of the celebration for their eight year anniversary, and a wonderful addition to all the other amazing items they’ve worked so hard on for all these years. Thank you ladies, for all you do! ♥

!NFINITY – Infinitum Bracelet worn on right and left wrist. This is a man’s bracelet available at MoM, this month. However, I couldn’t resist the urge to resize it and wear it, it’s amazing! So ladies, if you feel a little on the up-to mood, try it, it can definitely help with a nice look for us girls. 😉

Catwa – Kimberly Bento Head & Catwa Mesh Eyes.

Truth Hair – Lake

Swallow – Punky Ears

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Glam Affair – Giusy in Jamaica tone, applier for Catwa Head and Maitreya body (Included in Body HUD).

I’m gonna love you.


“Let’s take our time, to say what we want…”

::Featured Items::

!NFINITY Piercings, Jewelry & More @ Whimsical May 18th – June 18th

Enchanted Pumpkin Carriage Necklace, included a HUD with eight pumpkin color options, glow on or off, metal colors are Rose, Gold, Silver and Dark, there is also a resize script on the necklace, allowing easy adjusting for a better fit.

Cynful Clothing & Co

Empress Dress worn in light blue, on Maitreya body.

Truth Hair & Apparel 

Taja, worn in style 1, size 2 from the style HUD, the color is from the Multitone 1 HUD, in the second red option starting from the bottom up.

Other Accessories Include:

  1. Catwa – Kimberly Bento Head
  2. Glam Affair – Giusy (Jamaica tone)
  3. Catwa – Mesh Eyes w/ The Skinnery Don’t Speak Eye 3 Applier
  4. Pink Fuel – Juicy Drop Tintable Gloss from February Powder Pack

It all happens for a reason.


“Whenever one door closes, I hope one more opens.”

She turns and takes one last glance at what’s behind her. A smile on her face as she walks in through the opened door, knowing that it’s all worth the fight and effort. Whispering to herself, “Never give up and never settle, you know what you can do and nobody can take that from you.” she holds her head up high and takes the step into the new door, that’s opened as the other closes.

:::Featured Items:::

Cynful Clothing & Co. @ C88 May round, started May 8th.

Empress Set is worn on Isis body, with the color Red. The Maxi Dress fit is outstanding, I did not have to use a single alpha to fit the dress, nor did I have to adjust my hips and thighs to minimize bulking or bulging that made my shape look different. The Empress Necklace is gorgeous and also a perfect fit. I’m wearing it with black metals and red pearls, you can’t see it very well (sorry) but it looks amazing! There are 20 solid and ombre colors to choose from and seven special colors if fatpack is purchased. The necklace has 25 pearl colors and 5 metal colors.


Glamistry @ Mainstore

Rose Heels , worn in black with red sole, on Belleza High feet. Amazing textures and colors to choose from. The rose is absolutely perfect for that lovely gown, or even a summer dress, in the lighter shoe colors.

Other Accessories Include:

  1. Belleza Mesh Body – Isis w/Deetalez Eastern Applier
  2. LeLutka Bento Head – Simone w/Deetalez Claudia Eastern Applier
  3. Iconic – Ella
  4. Vista Bento hands w/128 Ysoral Luxe Set Rings Aby
  5. Random Matter – Rumar Earrings Onyx
  6. Swallow – Punky Ears
  7. Taox – Only Blue Tattoo
  8. Pose – Tuty Sexy Confident Bento Ao Stand