Smooth ride.



Cynful Clothing & Co @ Mesh Body Addicts that starts August 1st @ midnight., Star Girl outfit is worn on the Belleza Isis body, color choices are white and gold optional in the fatpack only version. New hair from Spellbound @ the mainstore for the new grand opening. Hands shown are Vista Bento Hands. Skin is from Amera Beauty, new fantasy skin tone and head is @ Catwa, Kimberly Bento Head.

Missing you.


“Every single day, every time I pray, I’ll be missing you…”

Words can’t ever begin to express the feelings we hold in our hearts when we lose someone we dearly love and care for. It always feels as if it’s just another nightmare and you’re desperately trying to awaken from it. We lose friends, family and dearly loved ones more often than we’d like to. There is and never will be a way to be ready for it, but we can learn to appreciate those we do have around us still, and appreciate the time we had with the ones we don’t anymore. Remember all those times you shared and don’t regret them. Even the bad times, were good times because it taught us something about each other, so don’t look at it as regrets and bad memories, but a way of growing together and learning to understand one another. Much love to everyone. ♥


Cynful Clothing & Co. @ Mainstore

Cynful has started doing a Bi-Weekly special in rememberance of The Dressing Room. This weeks special , set at 99L, is The Wish Dress, which is available in three different colors, Gold, Red and Dark Green. Each dress includes a solid and Ombre and have a 20 color option in the HUD for the Halter Straps, 10 color choice for the panties and an off or on option for panties.

Other Accessories Include:

  1. Catwa Bento Head – Koura
  2. Belleza Mesh Body – Isis
  3. Amara Beauty – Kouralee Body & Head Applier in tone 6
  4. Blues Hair – Oakley
  5. Blueberry – Oakley Wings (Silver)

Leap for joy.



*CK* Candy Kitten – @Marketplace  Unicorn Fan Tattoo, worn on Maitreya upper body, chest and arms. Hello Summer, the cutest top and skirt combo I have seen in a while. I absolutely LOVE the bow on the front! It’s absolutely perfect for that cute babygirl/little look we’re all looking for! :3

Other Accessories Include:

  1. Catwa Bento Head – Kimberly
  2. Amara Beauty – Head & Body Applier (6)
  3. Glamistry – Columbine Sandals
  4. Truth Hair – Ivana



Glamistry – @Mainstore Zinna heels worn on Maitreya High Feet, in all black with silver metal.


Blueberry – @Mainstore Gracie Jeans worn without boots in Faded with black belt

Addams @ Mainstore Hara top, worn in black without bra.

Blues Hair – @Hair Fair 2017 Oakly in Black

Catwa – Catya Bento Head w/ Amara Applier (6)

Don’t know how much time has past.


“No one ever tells you that forever feels like home, sitting all alone inside your head…”

Some times…

Life just wins, no matter how hard you fight.


Cynful Clothes & Co.Road Trip @ C88 is worn on Maitreya with the FatPack version of the army print pants and Black Top, solid. The event started on July 8th and runs until the 7th of August.

Other Accessories Include:

  1. Catwa – Catya Bento Head
  2. The Skinnery Head & Body Applier (Lily w/Honey tone)
  3. Truth Hair – JoJo
  4. Reign – Arianna Sneackers

I believe, I still believe.


“There’s a fire burning in my bones…”

My days have been so rough as of lately and often can’t seem to find my way out of my own thoughts. Ironically, today I found myself speaking to an old friend, that I admire dearly and have always looked up to. She has been my light at the end of the tunnel, without even knowing. I don’t know that we can ever express to people, how much they truly do for us, just by being themselves. As horrible as this world can be, we really do have some amazing human beings in this world, and I am so ever grateful for the ones in my life.


Manik Queen’s Emme Romper it’s available in the Belleza, Slink, Tmp, Maitreya and standard sizes. There 14, yes 14 versions to choose from and all of them are freaking gorgeous. The fit is spot on and perfect for the summer! 🙂

Will you lay with me?


“We’ll do it all, everything, on our own…”

Some days, all we need is to just lay down, forget the world and everything around you. A moment of peace and serenity, our hearts, minds and souls need it dearly. We also need someone to lay with us during those times, because some days are better shared, than kept to ourselves. So lay with me, let’s forget the world for a split second, all the chaos, all the insanity and all the heartache in it and just enjoy nature. Enjoy the beauty of just, living, for a split second, just live in the moment of…Life! ♥


Glamistry  @ Mainstore

Camille Heels are available in twelve colors, or a Fatpack selection that includes all the colors and the ability to change and alternate the color sequences, giving you plenty of options. One of the things I love the most about the Glamistry shoes, the HUD, if you decide to purchase just one color of the shoe. Then later you decide, “ohh I need it in this color as well”, you can always go in t he HUD and add a color for only 99L! Without the need to teleport or try demos, because you have the shoe on already, it simply just adds the color! How amazing is that? Yeah, I thought so too! 🙂

shoes pic

Other Accessories Include:

  1. Belleza Mesh Body – Isis
  2. Catwa Bento Head – Kimberly
  3. YS&YS – Body & Head Applier in tone 3 from June Powder Pack (Illy)
  4. Addams – New @ Mainstore – Savage Romper N*1
  5. Truth – Lake (Multitone 1 Black)
  6. Tattoo – Taox My Soul

Take me from the dark.


“I will find my strength to un-tame my mouth, when I used to be afraid of the words…”


Cynful Clothing & Co. June 2017 Luke Box

I don’t know how much you all know about the Luke Box or if any of you even get it. So here goes some spamming to convince you into doing it. *grinz* I know that there have been a lot of people complaining about the boxes and packages you can buy on a monthly basis. Sure, I get that there will be products that are not to your liking, but honestly, for the price that you pay and all the things that you get. What is there to really complain about? I mean you get fatpacks of items! Mind you, if you’re a big shopper, you already spend double that amount on fatpack items at a time. So trust me, you definitely want to get these!

Now! For this swimsuit,Heat Bikini, is available in Belleza sizes, Maitreya Lara and Slink sizes. Comes with a fabulous HUD. The Belleza sizes have the option of regular or perky on the Freya and Isis. I am IN love with it! It’s the first set for Cynful to put in the Luxe Box and I am beyond happy with it. There are more options than I can count, for you to use with this. The fit is spot on perfect, I just really can’t express how amazing it is, I really hope you didn’t miss out on this.

Other Accessories Include:

  1. Catwa Head Kimberly
  2. Belleza Body Isis
  3. YS&YS Skin from June Powder Pack tone 3
  4. Izzie’s Flower Lace Choker
  5. Argrace – Chizuru
  6. Pose – Manik Queen @ Vintage Fair


To love is to nourish


“What have we done to the world, look what we’ve done…”

Our world is in dire need of some deep love and care. Take a moment and nourish Earth, she is after all everyone’s home. This is where we all live, the home we all need to survive. Love her the way you do your children, your pets, your spouse, your friends and family. Our children’s future need us to do this, so that they learn to do the same and have a good place to raise their children and their grand children. It has to start some where, one single person can’t fix it all, but if we all did a little each day, it will make a huge difference. ♥


Cynful Clothing & Co @ C88

Rendezvous Romper worn on Isis (Perky) in dark red. There’s really not a lot to say about this outfit, I mean look at the picture. It’s perfect. I didn’t have to add a single alpha, didn’t have to adjust my shape. I didn’t even do a major tweak in PS because I didn’t want to change the color of the outfit. It’s available for the bodies Belleza, Maitreya & Slink. You can purchase the Bracelet sets as well, which is amazing btw, there are five metal colors to choose from and the HUD gives you the option of taking some off and leaving some on, which is amazing!

Other Accessories Include:

  1. Belleza Isis
  2. LeLutka – Cate Bento Head & Cate Mesh Eyes
  3. Truth – Fynn
  4. Swallow – Punky Ears
  5. Izzie’s Flower Choker & Mood Stone Choker
  6. Random Matter – Rumar Earrings

Time after time.


“If you’re lost, you can look and you will find me, time after time…”

!NIFINITY – Saturday Sale for June3rd until midnight, Fidget Spinner Rings, are resizable through script, have three spinning settings, tons of colors available through HUDs, and are just amazing. You really should get them for the killer 75 linden price, while you can. If you can’t, you still need these, adorable! I love! :3


Glamistry Columbia Sandals, worn in pink shade with black metals and dark brown sole, on Maitreya flat feet. Also available in Slink and Belleza sizes.

Other Accessories Include:

  1. Maitreya – Lara Body
  2. Catwa – Kimberly Head
  3. Glam Affair – Giusy Skin (Jamaica tone)
  4. Little Bones – Olympia
  5. Izzie’s – Pride Bracelets Left & Right, Flower Lace Choker & Mood Stone Velvet Choker
  6. Swallow – Punky Ears
  7. Random Matter – Rumar Earrings
  8. Gizza – Betsy Denim Shorts & Crotchet Bikini Top @ Tropical Summer Fair 2017